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The Lord is With Us

The Lord is With Us

by Rev. David Rodriguez on May 01, 2020

The Lord is With Us

                  For the past few weeks as we’ve been sheltering in place, we’ve been dealing with the pain of isolation, fear, loneliness, and worry. In the midst of all of this, we’ve also seen and experienced the presence of Jesus with us.

We’ve been able to include the congregation in worship through live-streaming the services.  This really is a miracle. As I’ve said before, I went to seminary. I didn’t go to film school. But the Lord has been with us through the help that has been given us from many different people, we’ve been able to delve into the mysteries of electrons, sound waves, and light waves.

Recently the Session has decided to continue live-streaming the worship service after the shelter in place is lifted and we’re back together in the sanctuary. This will enable folks to worship from home when they can’t join us in the sanctuary or when they want to stay in their pajamas until noon. (You know who you are.)

In order to do this, we will need different equipment costing several thousand dollars. As we were praying about this, a family in the congregation came forward to provide for the cost of the equipment. We’ve also seen how Jesus is with us in the midst of our isolation as another anonymous family provided the entire congregation, including our shut-ins, with a drive-up lunch. The Lord really is with us.

And we’ve seen the Lord with us through the Zoom Bible studies and meetings. I have heard you say over and over again after a live stream service or when you were picking up your lunches or when Zoom Bible study just finished, “Were not our hearts burning within us?” 

Just like Cleopas and his traveling companion experienced the presence of Jesus on their journey together to the town of Emmaus on the first Easter Sunday, we are experiencing the presence of Jesus even during times of pain and suffering on our journey with the Lord

When a loved one goes to be with the Lord; or when we’re dealing with a painful and life-threatening illness; or when we face the loss of a job and financial security; or when our life dreams are not working out; we still see and experience the presence of Jesus. And just like these first witnesses of Jesus’s resurrection, we can also tell others about how Jesus was recognized by us.

One day our journey here on earth will be over but our journey with the Lord will continue. Jesus is alive and He is always with us.

In Christ, Pastor David


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