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    Feb 18, 2018

    Special Lenten Service

    Preacher: Rev. Daniel Christian

    Series: Lent/Easter

    Category: Lent


    Our first Sunday in Lent was a special service with communion, prayer, scripture, and song.  There was no sermon.


    Thought for Meditation  “Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others.”  Rosa Parks

    Household Prayer: Morning

    Loving God, all night I slept in your shadow, sheltered by you.  As I enter into the gift of this day, I trust that you are with me.  Help me to be open to all people you bring my way, for you yourself make no distinctions, you are God of all.  Amen

    Household Prayer: Evening

    God, my dwelling place, as the shadows fall, I rest in you.  Thank you for the faith that held me fast this day. Thank you, too, for every person who offered me grace, and for those to whom I could also show grace.  I pray this night for all who long to see a sign of your power in the darkness that surrounds them.  When I rise in the morning  give me your work to do for another day; in Christ’s name. Amen.