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    Mar 04, 2018

    Not an Idle Winter's Tale

    Series: Lent/Easter

    Category: Lent


    Due to technical difficulty, we are unable to post today's sermon.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. 


    Thought for Meditation 

    Did I offer peace today? Did I bring a smile to someone's face? Did I say words of healing? Did I let go of my anger and resentment? Did I forgive? Did I love? These are the real questions. I must trust that the little bit of love that I sow now will bear many fruits, here in this world and the life to come.  Henri Nouwen

    Morning Prayer:

    When I rise today allow me to greet the day as the miracle it is. Help me live and see the miracles of daily life.  Warm sunshine, cool winter rain, smiles on an elderly face, trusting eyes of child, delicious food set before me, the power of friendship and connection. Amen

    Evening prayer:


    As I prepare for bed I turn to you God to guide my dreams.  Give me dreams that will help me understand and see the fear and resistance that blocks me throughout my waking ours. Allow my dreams to be a source of freedom and peace that I can bring into my conscious mind.  I pray I can sleep deeply and have my mind and body be restored and replenish so that I can be a light for you in the world and in the people I meet. Amen