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Dec 24, 2017

Love in a Darkened World

Passage: Luke 1:39-55

Preacher: Rev. Daniel Christian

Series: Advent

Category: Advent


Thought for Meditation       

“Christmas as a spiritual experience is about opening our lives to a spiritual hunger from within and a reaching out to God in the beyond. The Christmas story is an invitation to understanding a God who radically enters our lives and world. Having faith in a deeper meaning of Christmas asks that we have an audacious belief that God can bring new life or a new way of being when all the evidence and logic just doesn't add up.”  Rev. Daniel Christian, Christmas 2017

Household Prayer: Morning  God, surely you are my salvation.  I begin this day without fear and I am not anxious of the future or in agony over the past.  I begin today in the e thought that you are rejoicing in me!  Help me be aware on the ways I can help others, especially those with special needs.  Then bring me home to you at the close of the day.  Amen.

Household Evening Prayer:  Thank you, God for the gift of today and for guiding my heart and mind toward the presence of Christ. All that I did and all that I left undone, I now give over to your safekeeping, trusting in your peace that surpasses all understanding. Be my rest as I sleep tonight, and renew me in your love for another day. Amen.