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    May 06, 2018

    Called As Friends

    Passage: John 15:9-17

    Preacher: Judy Slater, Presbytery of the Redwoods

    Series: Lectionary

    Category: bible, General


    Thought for Meditation: 

    “God never sends suffering. Never. It is never "God's will" that we should suffer. God would like us not to suffer. But since the world brings suffering, and since God refuses to use His almighty power and treat us as foolish children, He aligns Himself with us, goes into Auschwitz with us, is devastated by 9/11 with us, and draws us with Him through it all into fulfillment. This is a high price to pay for our human freedom, but it is worth it. To be mere automatons for whom God arranges the world to cause us no suffering would mean we never have a self. We could not make choices.”  Sister Wendy Beckett

    Household Prayer: Morning

    Holy Spirit, enliven in us a faith and witness that through deepened prayer we might rise to action in service of the gospel. Amen

    Household Prayer: Evening

    God, it is night and the time for rest has come.  We have served You in love this day and for this we give You thanks.  Do not leave us comfortless, but send Your Spirit to abide with us as we trust in You this night. Amen.