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Sep 24, 2017

A Spiritual House

Passage: 1 Peter 2:4-5

Preacher: Rev. Peter Thomsen; First Presbyterian Church; Bishop, CA

Series: General

Category: bible, General


Due to technical difficulty, we "lost" a few moments of the sermon between 27:40 and the end.

Thought for Meditation

“To live without forgiveness is to live separated from the sacred and from the most basic instincts of our heart.  To live with forgiveness is to reveal in each moment the beauty and value of life.  To live with forgiveness is to choose in each moment an active role in creating relationships, organizations, communities, and a world that works for everyone." - Robin Casarjian, Forgiveness

Household Prayer: Morning

In this moment of stillness before I dress in the claims of the day, let me stand bare before you with questions unanswered … Fill the silence with your nearness, that I may hear you speak your word and live this day for you.  Amen

 Household Prayer: Evening

Source of my life, this day I was not promised now is ending.  I thank you for the grace it was, noticed and unnoticed.  I lay before you all that I saw. I trust to you all that I failed to see.  In the gift of the gathering darkness brood over your creation again, and restore your image in me, that I might bear both your grief and your joy in the world; for I pray in the name of Jesus, whose service was love. Amen