"Why Are We Doing Vacation Bible School Again?"

Posted by Rev. David Rodriguez on

                During the last week of June, we'll be conducting our annual Vacation Bible School. Many of our adults have already been planning and preparing to welcome the children of the community to join us for games, crafts, Bible lessons, and snacks. The kids will be here from 5:30- 7:30 every evening. Then on Sunday, June 30, they will all join us in worship for VBS Sunday. Which begs the question. "Why?"


This is always a good question to ask. A lot of time, energy, and financial resources go into conducting VBS. Life would be a lot easier if we just limited VBS to the children of the congregation, instead of welcoming all of the children of Ukiah to join us. In fact, it would be even easier if we didn't have VBS at all. So why are we doing Vacation Bible School again?


We have VBS because Jesus loves kids. He loves them a lot. Jesus wants kids to know Him and experience His love. And VBS is a great way for this to happen. What's more, we are really good at conducting VBS. Lots of kids come every summer and many of them ask Jesus to come and live in their hearts. This is why we are doing Vacation Bible School again.


So, do we love kids as much as Jesus does? No way. Jesus is God and He loves kids with a love that is infinite and eternal. However, with the Lord's help, we can grow in our love for children. In fact, as Jesus is transforming us into His image, we will love kids more and more. We may even become volunteers at VBS. 


I am looking forward to another Vacation Bible School. I am looking forward to seeing kids fall in love with the Lord who loves them more than they ever could have imagined. 


In Christ,