The Relationship Principles of Jesus ~ Part 2

Posted by Rev. David Rodriguez on

                One of the great things about August is that the US Congress will be taking a break. Which means that we'll get a break from all of the insulting, judging, bickering, and other mean, nasty, and ugly things. Have you ever found yourself asking, "What's wrong with these people?" The answer is simple. They are people just like us.

All of us struggle in our relationships with others. Instead of following the command of Jesus to love others as we love ourselves, we're tempted to love others as we have been loved. There's a big difference. Sometimes we're been treated horribly. Abusively. Mercilessly. And so, we sometimes treat others horribly and even worse. But there is hope for us.

 In August we'll be continuing our sermon series based on the book, "The Relationship Principles of Jesus" by Tom Holladay. In his book, Tom Holladay writes on page 23:

"When Jesus came to this earth, He demonstrated that He understands both the wonder and the pain of your relationships. He experienced them both. He came to begin a new relationship with you – a relationship that will strengthen all your relationships. Jesus came to show you how to enjoy a new way of relating to God and to others."

As we are being transformed by God into the image of Jesus, we are becoming more and more like Him. Which means that we are becoming people who can love others like Jesus does. We can become forgiving, merciful and gracious like Jesus is. We can experience healing and restoration in our broken and complicated relationships, just like Jesus did.

I wish the US Congress was taking a vacation in Ukiah during our study of the "Relationship Principles of Jesus". But, alas…

I am glad that we can spend this time together and learn from Jesus about relationships. We can also spend time together praying for the members of congress and the healing that God can bring to their relationships.

In Christ ~ Pastor David