“Have You Ever Seen A Miracle?”

Posted by Rev. David Rodriguez on

                   At my former church in Hollister I taught a Sunday School class for middle school students before the worship service. During one of the classes, a student asked me, “Why doesn’t God perform miracles anymore?” I responded that God is doing miracles all the time. God always has and God always will. I then asked her if she’d like to meet someone who has experienced a miracle from God and she said she would. So, I told her that I’d arrange for an introduction.

When we finished the class, we started the worship service and during the time for prayer requests I said, “Some of the young people in the church are wondering if God still does miracles. Have any of you experienced a miracle such as being healed from cancer or a heart attack? Has anyone had their marriage healed? Have any of you seen Jesus in the flesh? Have any of you heard the voice of God? Have any of you had God speak to you in a dream? Have any of you had God change your life? If you have, please stand up.” Everyone in the congregation stood up. Then I asked the people in the congregation to tell their stories of God’s miracles to the young people of the church.

While I’ve been away in Djibouti with the US Navy, I have seen and experienced many miracles from God. So, during the Sundays in August, I will tell you my stories of God’s miracles. I’m also looking forward to hearing the stories of God’s miracles in your lives.

In the telling of these stories, we will strengthen each other’s faith in God’s miraculous involvement in our lives and in our world. And in so doing, we’ll see even more miracles.

Jesus said, “Everything is possible for one who believes.” Mark 9:23