“Are You Blessed?”

Posted by Rev. David Rodriguez on

                 Have you ever thought of yourself as a blessed person? 

Some people think that being blessed means having a lot of money or a big home or a new car. Others think that being blessed means having a lot of kids and grandchildren. There are also those who think that being blessed means having perfect health or even just sleeping through the night.

When our Lord Jesus Christ preached about what it means to be blessed, He didn't mention any of this. In His "Sermon on The Mount", Jesus says that being blessed involves being comforted, receiving mercy, and seeing God. Jesus also says that we are blessed at times in our lives that many would consider a curse, such as when we're poor in spirit, mourning, and living meek lives.

For the next few weeks, I'll be preaching a series of sermons on the "Sermon on the Mount". We'll be considering what Jesus has to say about being blessed as we focus our attention on the part of Jesus' sermon known the "Beatitudes", found in Matthew 5:1-12.

So, are you blessed? Come and find out.

Your Pastor, David


(Spoiler Alert: The answer is: YES!)